Programs + Events

Everwell programming is designed to support and inspire all aspects of our lives—both personally and professionally.

Gathering with intention.

Thoughtfully curated and carefully balanced, our programming + events are geared towards the entire female experience and connected to one of our four categories.

We call them PILLARS.

For the doer, the worker, the leader, the inventor, the builder.

entrepreneurship + freelancing
non-profit volunteerism
job preparation + search
personal roadmapping

For the breather, the mover, the consumer, the taster, the styler.

preventative health + healing
self-care + balance
fashion + beauty

For the caretaker, the maker, the organizer, the helper, the lover.

relationship + communication
organization + management
design + style

For the thinker, the believer, the grower, the listener.

authors + thought leaders
creative expression
global issues + perspectives
profiles + people

Programming with Purpose.

Speakers・Conversations・Workshops・Social gatherings・One-on-one coaching

The Programming Team

Our program leaders tap into both outside professionals and resident consultants to design events & gatherings that stretch minds, spark creativity and unleash inspiration.

Lindsay Hurty

Co-Founder + Programming Director

Lindsay Hurty founded The Trellis Workshops in 2017, where she has designed and facilitated workshops meant to support participants as they grow naturally in their personhood. The workshops create space for intellectual connection, personal awareness and forward progress. Sessions are shaped around themes, guiding questions, journaling and inventive exercises, to elicit authentic reflection, discussion, connection and learning. Read more about Lindsay on About Us.

Brooke Fisch

Resident Consultant – Career + Calling

Brooke Fisch is a professional résumé writer and career advisor, helping job seekers recognize their strengths, market themselves to potential employers, and find rewarding careers. She began her career in the advertising industry in New York City, and then spent ten years at Standard & Poor’s where she led a marketing team for their Risk Management division. Brooke is the founder of Four Corners Career Consulting and is certified with the National Résumé Writers Association (NRWA) and the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARW). She graduated from Trinity College with Faculty Honors and a B.A. in Economics, and now lives in Darien, CT with her husband and four kids.

Jenny Hayes Edwards

Resident Consultant – Body + Health

Jenny Hayes Edwards, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and owner of Salt Water Wellness, provides education in all areas of our lives that contribute to holistic health.  She coaches her clients to make small sustainable change, enabling them to reach and maintain their health and wellness goals.  Additionally, she takes her clients from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the immense amount and often conflicting health advice, to feeling calm, confident and in control of their health, to avoid the chronic health conditions that seem to be taking over.  As a former stressed out restaurant owner, Jenny loves to share what she’s learned, in a fun engaging format, to help others take control of their health even when life feels overwhelming. Jenny graduated from Bucknell University with a B.A. in Psychology, and she resides in Darien with her husband, three stepchildren and their dogs.

Jacqueline Telgheder

Resident Consultant – Family + Home

Jacqueline Blair Telgheder grew up in Darien and graduated with a music degree from Indiana University. Her love of music was not enough to sustain her desire to live in NYC! So, she worked as a trader on Wall Street, started a family, and ended up right back in Darien with her husband and four children. She was drawn to a career in coaching out of her passion to help parents find joy in the everyday, build confidence in their decisions, and find new levels of fulfillment and empowerment. Parenting is a rewarding and challenging adventure, and she strives to help parents find new levels of fulfillment and empowerment. Jacqueline is a Certified Parent Coach® through the Parent Coaching Institute at Seattle Pacific University. 

Page Berger

Resident Consultant – Thought + Intellect

Page Berger was born in Darien but spent a good portion of her growing-up years in Columbus, Ohio. After graduating from Davidson College she worked in the Admissions and Financial Aid Department, followed by a stint at the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City. Page then worked at Teach For America’s national headquarters both on the Marketing Team and on the Knowledge Development team. Page now works as the Marketing Manager for Barrett Bookstore. A writer and avid reader, Page is passionate about facilitating meaningful book club experiences for fellow book worms. Page holds an MA in Literature from the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College and an M.Ed in Education Policy and Leadership from Harvard University. She currently lives in Darien with her husband, three children, two dogs, and ever-growing vegetable garden.