How do you want to grow forward?

Choose the direction that feels natural for you.


Get inspired at your pace with content designed to deepen your self-awareness and support your inner wellness. Settle in to Everwell’s Vault of 200+ pre-recorded programs that speak to midlife, fuel the spirit and encourage authentic forward growth.


Get laughing, talking, wondering, reflecting + growing in our unique conversation club experience: Seasonal Circle. Gather your group and simply press play for a facilitated, video-driven + interactive experience from home.


Go deeper with the guidance of Everwell’s visionary and self-development expert, Lindsay Hurty. Lindsay leads retreats, speaks with teams, coaches individuals and educates through her signature course, SELF SCHOOL.

Everwell’s programs are designed to support and inspire women on the midlife journey.

For the doer, the worker, the leader, the inventor, the builder.

entrepreneurship + freelancing
non-profit volunteerism
job preparation + search
personal roadmapping

For the breather, the mover, the consumer, the taster, the styler.

preventative health + healing
self-care + balance
fashion + beauty

For the caretaker, the maker, the organizer, the helper, the lover.

relationship + communication
organization + management
design + style

For the thinker, the believer, the grower, the listener.

authors + thought leaders
creative expression
global issues + perspectives
profiles + people

Everwell is a mindset.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, to be everwell is to live authentically, with a growth mindset.

Taylor |

“With the enriching creative programs they offer … I do my best work with help from these kindred souls.”

Gabrielle |

“The programming has expanded my perspective immensely and deepened my bonds to this community.”

Elin |

“I love the content, feel inspired by the speakers and participants and often walk away feeling more complete.”

Tamsin |

“I now find myself feeding my soul in a new way by attending interesting workshops and talks without leaving the house.”

Lindsay |

“Everwell is a wonderful space for women of all backgrounds and ages to take a deep dive into whatever it is that they are passionate about.”

Julie |

“Everwell gives me the opportunity to participate in programming that feeds my personal growth. Everwell is a gift that I’ve given to myself. “

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