Dedicated to supporting and inspiring women with meaningful programming and safe space to grow.

what is everwell?

Everwell is a resource for your wellness.

Everwell is an inspiration network for womanhood, meaningful connection + personal growth. We’re committed to fostering life-learning + intentional community with thoughtfully designed workshops, online courses, experiential gatherings, retreats + conversations.

Everwell is here to fuel spirits, ignite connection and encourage authentic forward growth.

Everwell sprouted from a desire to make space for those who care about their inner wellness; we wanted to partner with women for their personal growth journeys.

At various moments, we need on-ramps to connection and insight to propel our individual and ongoing becoming.

We believe that everyone’s story matters. And we believe that it’s easy to live on autopilot, ignoring the inner pulls and curiosities that might open up entire new experiences, relationships and passions.

Everwell is here to give you permission to explore and think freely. Everwell is your invitation to live your most meaningful life, surrounded by others who care.

what inspired everwell?

why everwell?

It matters to matter. 
Simple as that.

When each of us lives an intentionally meaningful life—a personal and professional life that exists in harmony with our true inner being—we embody wellness.

And, in living well, we inspire others to do the same.

As the invisible web of purposeful, satisfied living (not to be confused with ‘privileged, carefree living’) grows—in our selves, our families, our communities and our world—we shift culture. We become better humans to ourselves and each other.

Strengthened humanity begins when each of us chooses to live ever well.

A colorful team of visionaries, content creators and community members have helped bring Everwell to life and worked to see her thrive.

Women-led and evolving, Everwell grows alongside, around and with the people who are drawn to Everwell’s magic.

Everwell’s Co-Founder, Lindsay Hurty, planted the first seed of Everwell in 2016. Learn more about Lindsay.

who is behind everwell?

What’s in a name?

Everwell is every woman.

What’s in a name?

Evergreens are the only plants that retain their leaves year round, reminding us of women, perpetually growing stronger while spreading their roots.

Watering wells act as reservoirs for sustenance and survival and are a traditional spot for communities and women. Together, these words inspire, fuel and propel us forward.

Everwell is every woman.