Geared toward women + open to all, Everwell is a community that fosters connection, values respect and celebrates curiosity.

What’s the Circle?


Community is the heart of Everwell.

We believe that bringing women together fuels and inspires growth.

We also believe the female experience should be shared and explored.

Together, we look up and engage, gather, settle in, absorb, seek balance and ultimately, feel more alive.

Everwell community is about

meaningful connection.

Tiere H.| Key Member

As an entrepreneur, it is inspiring being around other women who have created their own businesses. It feels like the perfect balance between a coffee shop and a library environment.

Jayne H.| Circle Member

Everwell is a safe, beautiful workspace that encourages you to be the best you! It is a peaceful environment that promotes motivation both personally and professionally.

Gabrielle S.| Key Member

The programming has expanded my perspective immensely and deepened my bonds to this community. 

Pam B.| Circle Member

I feel so empowered and thrilled to be part of a wonderful community. It is such a great group of members and really what I need right now in my professional life.

Laura I.| Circle Member

Everwell offers an interesting and fulfilling program for those of us from all walks of life.

Lindsay W.| Circle Member

Everwell is a wonderful space for women of all backgrounds and ages to take a deep dive into whatever it is that they are passionate about. Rarely do we find the time and the place to do that – thank you Everwell!

Our community extends beyond our four walls to our town,

our neighbors and all the businesses that surround us.

Some of our partners include:

Barrett Bookstore • Toasts Catering  • The Bar Method •  To & From Nails

Everwell Membership Directory

Membership includes placement in our exclusive online directory so members can:

– access fellow members as local, trusted resources
– identify other members in similar life spaces
– promote one’s work and services
– share expertise, passions and interests

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