Dedicated to supporting and inspiring women with multi-purpose workspaces, curated programming and a community they can trust.

What is Everwell?

Everwell is about giving yourself permission. Permission to explore and think freely, permission to get stuff done (whatever that stuff is), and permission to intentionally connect with others without judgement or an agenda. We’re about celebrating our lives as multi-passionate women. Recognizing we wear many hats and play many roles, it’s time to prioritize ourselves too—taking time to think openly + leaving room to ask ‘what’s next?” We have BIG plans for Everwell. We’re starting a revolution that begins with redefining what ‘work’ looks like—whether its a professional endeavor, a passion play, personal venture, or family planning, guess what, it’s ALL work; it all matters, and it all has to get done.  

More locations + more learning to come!

Founders + Team

Abby Knott and Lindsay Hurty originally met in the early years of momhood. As active mothers, small business owners and dedicated volunteers in the community, their friendship grew and they discovered that they shared a vision. 

Abby dreamt of a space where women could collaborate, work and socialize, while Lindsay envisioned a community where women could seek knowledge and connect in meaningful ways.

Together, they folded their dreams into one and created Everwell.

Abby Knott graduated from Occidental College with a BA in Economics for Business Management with a minor in Russian.  She began her career in Fashion Merchandising, and in 2013, she co-founded a consumer research and analytics company.  After living in Boston, Seattle, Northern Virginia, Los Angeles, and Manhattan, Abby put down roots in Darien in 2010 where she, her husband, and three children live.

Lindsay Hayes Hurty spent her childhood in California before her family relocated to Darien, where she grew up. She graduated from Colby College with a BA in English and Harvard University with an Ed.M. in Administration, Planning and Social Policy. Lindsay taught English at New Canaan High School for eight years. In 2017, she founded The Trellis Workshops. Surrounded by local extended family and lots of dogs, Lindsay and her husband are raising their three kids.

Our Team:

We are grateful to our entire team for helping bring Everwell to life and working to see her thrive.

Katherine Eberly Spellane

Architecture + Design

Julie Flakstad

Marketing + PR

Josh Brown

Branding + Design

Margie Tarzia


Kate Cotter

Website Development

Ellen Feeney

Legal Counsel

Kelly Brawley

Community Coordinator

Biz Fay